Image of KRE27.5 Electric Mountain Bicycle Power Assisted Electric Bike

KRE27.5 Electric Mountain Bicycle Power Assisted Electric Bike

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USD 1598.00

features a 250W powerful motor and 10Ah large-capacity battery to travel for 65km max. range and 25km/h top speed. With dual disc brakes, 7-speed transmission system, adjustable seat height, 27.5 anti-slip tires, lockable front suspension fork, bright LED headlight, and other advantages, the electric bike surely gives you a comfortable and safe riding experience.Features:Powerful Motor: 250W motor allows the electric bike to reach the top speed of 25km per hour and tackle a hill of 30 at ease.Removable Battery: 36V 10Ah large capacity battery enables the bike to travel for up to 65km in power assisted mode. The battery is removable and can be recharged at home or office.Dual Disc Brakes: Front rear mechanical disc brakes ensure shorter braking distance and riding safety. 7 speed transmission system provides accurate and smooth shifting.Adjustable Heights: The saddle height is adjustable to allow the riders to find the best riding position suited to their heights.All-terrain Adaptability: 27.5 inch anti-slip, wear-resistant tires are suitable for different terrains. Lockable front suspension fork helps absorb the shocks on bumpy terrains to offer a comfortable riding.Note: The electric bike has two riding modes: power assisted mode, and human riding mode.

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